DVD of Jesse McCarteny Pictures Spotted

I saw some Jesse McCartney pictures on E-bay. It was a whole CD of photos of him at New Orleans. I almost bought, but I didn’t. A lot of the pictures were almost identical, so it was like the same picture over and over. It was just slightly different.

I guess for now I will stick with pictures I find online. There are a whole bunch of them on all kinds of sites. I even found some of his earlier photos. Here is one from his time on All My Children - http://allmychildren.about.com/od/jessemccartney/ss/jmccartneyphgal.htm.

The All Jesse McCartney Channel...

There is a video player that plays on Jesse McCartney on AOL. All you have to do is follow this link (http://music.aol.com/artist/main.adp?artistid=474504) and click on the part that says, “Watch our All Jesse McCartney video channel.”

Jesse is so hot and he has crazy skills. I mean, he’s talented in so many things. He acts, he sings, and he’s gorgeous. I loved him in Summerland. I can’t wait until that show comes back on. I just hope it doesn’t keep him to busy to make more music and tour and stuff.

Jesse McCartney vs. Aaron Carter

Take a look at some pictures of Jesse McCartney and Aaron Carter. Who do you think is hotter? A website I came across is letting people vote one who is the hotter one. I personally think that Jesse is much cuter than Aaron.

I know some people think they look alike just because they have blonde hair and light eyes, but that is where the comparison ends. Even if they look a lot alike, Jesse is much hotter when you take his personality and talent into consideration.

So, all of you ladies that agree with me should vote for Jesse at (http://www.kidzworld.com/site/p4931.htm).

Lots o' Jesse McCartney Pics

So, I found a site that has a ton of pictures of Jesse McCartney that I haven’t seen before. He is such a cutie. These are pictures of him when he was a boy, before he became a major hottie. They’re still really cute though.

I love the pictures of him when he was a part of the “Dream Street.” I bet it embarrasses him though. Oh, well, if he needs some ego-boosting I’ll let him know what a stud he is now. Just call me Mrs. Jesse McCartney. Here are those pics if you want to check them out - http://www.maxgalleries2.com/stars/dreamstreet/drmst_index.htm.


I’d like to get my hands on a Jesse McCartney ticket. I love Jesse so much. He’s an awesome singer who is so hot. I love him on the WB’s Summerland.

Did you know that he really does surf? He’s not a poser, he’s real. That’s part of what I like about him. He’s talented, but he doesn’t seem as conceded as other celebrities. I hope I’m able to get some tickets.

Here are some pictures of him surfing - http://members.tripod.com/sweet_tiff1/jessesaysshesnoyou/id5.html.