Found some awesome Jesse McCartney pictures!

I found some Jesse McCartney pictures that were just awesome. Of course, how can pictures of a god ever be anything else? I think he is so cute. I love his hair and his green eyes are so perfect. Take this picture for example - . What a hottie.

I usually like guys with dark hair and light eyes, but this is one hot blonde. He doesn’t look like the typical blonde though. I think he’s probably a really smart and sweet guy. Maybe one day I will get to meet him to know for sure.

Shirtless Jesse

I caught a glimpse of Jesse McCartney shirtless. I know you guys are probably sooo jealous, but it was just a picture not the real thing. Oh well, It was still really hot.

I think it was a picture from the video “Beautiful Soul.” Anyways, it doesn’t matter because he was totally cute in this picture. You can see it for yourself here. In fact, they actually have a preview of this video and some others. He really looks good in all of his videos. I bet he looks even when he’s sick, tired, or dirty because he’s just cool like that.