The Next Brad Pitt?

Take your shirt off!

I can’t be the only one interested in seeing pictures of Jesse McCartney shirtless. I mean his albums aren’t selling just because he has a wicked voice. They’re selling because he has the total package.

I am totally infatuated with him, as you can tell. I found some great pictures at the following site. http://www.jessemac.com.au/photos/. You should really check them out. They are black and white and I think they are very sexy. He could be the next brad pitt.

Here is a real hot picture of Jesse on the beach.

When he tours, I need a ticket!

Need Jesse Tickets!

I need a Jesse McCartney ticket. I would do just about anything for one of these tickets. In fact, you know those radio shows where they have people trying to win a car by keeping their hands on it for a long time. The last person standing wins the car.

Well, I think they should have a game where we have to touch Jesse. The last one standing wins a pair of tickets. Now, that’s something I can do. Look at this picture and tell me you don’t agree. -

Cool Jesse McCartney Wallpaper!

Cool Wallpaper!

I found a site that has a bunch of Jesse McCartney wallpaper. In fact, the site is the official fan listing, but the best thing on the site is the wallpaper.

The site is here. Just click on the codes link on the right. That brings up a whole list of different wallpaper and pictures that you can put on your desktop or even your MySpace account.

I wonder if Jesse has a MySpace account. Now, I am going to have to search and find out because I would love to add him to my friends list. I would love to add him to my “boyfriends list” too, but I’ll settle for what I can get.

Jesse without a shirt!

No Shirt!

Believe me when I say that I would not mind seeing Jessie McCartney shirtless. Wow, is he too hot or what? He went from being a cute little kid to a spicy hot stud.

Well, I see a lot of pictures of Jesse on the net, but I don’t see a lot of shirtless ones. Normally that wouldn’t be a big surprise. The reason it surprises me is because he’s so hot and his show is set on a beach.

Hello, where are they hiding all of the good shots. Like the one here!